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Midland Record was launched in 1995 as an occasional journal containing 80 pages per issue. Each journal is designed to stand-alone but at the same time to be part of an ever-expanding archive that covers the history of the Midland Railway. The content will appeal to railway historians and modellers alike and has been the subject of many excellent reviews from leading authorities in the United Kingdom.

Edited by Bob Essery the editorial team for Midland Record includes Dave Hunt, who is also editor of the associated Midland Engines series and Chairman of the Midland Railway Society.

Below are details of the contents of each issue of Midland Record.

Midland Record table of contents

Midland Record 34 (published November 2011)
Locomotives of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 1866–1961 by David Pearson ; St. Pancras Sidings by Keith Miles ; Leicester (London Road) Station : its operation, train services and a brief history by Giles Brown ; Midland Sales Practice by Bob Essery ; The Kirtley Era 2–4–0s, Part 3 by David Hunt.
Midland Record 33
The Kirtley Era 2–4–0s Part 2 by David Hunt ; Midland Territory – Grimesthorpe by Bob Essery ; D334 Long Rail Wagon by Bob Essery ; The Midland Railway in South Wales Part 2 by Bob Essery ; Mantle Lane, Coalville, Bridge No 44A by Tony Overton ; S&D 2–8–0s from the Footplate by Keith Miles ; Alfreton & South Normanton by Bob Essery ; Swinderby Station and Area by Jim Jackson
Midland Record 32 (published November 2010)
Harry Kirk, Goods Guard, LMS by Ken Kirk ; The Kirtley Era 2–4–0s Part 1 by David Hunt ; Pye Bridge and Beeston by Bob Essery ; The Swinderby Accident of 6th June 1928 by Jim Jackson ; St Albans Signal Box ; The Bootle Branch by John C. Hughes ; Fin de Siecle Elegance by David Hunt ; Midland Railway’s System of Maintaining the Permanent Way and Works by W. Lewis-Meredith ; Frank Henshall Stalvies 1846–1911 by C. J. Perkins
Midland Record 31 (published June 2010)
Borrowash by A. E. Overton ; Bootle Branch by John Horne ; Midland Territory Bentham by Bob Essery ; Fishponds by Neil Burgess ; Goods Shed drawing Bob Essery ; Gowhole 2 by Keith Miles ; Passenger Engine at Cornbrook by Eddie Johnson ; Highbridge Wharf by Bob Essery ; BWSR Selly Oak, Bournville and Cadburys by Bob Essery ; Readers Collection M. Neale Collection ; Midland Territory Basford by Bob Essery ; By the Way
Midland Record 30
The Midland Railway in Bristol by Bob Essery ; The Economical Driving and Firing of the Locomotive by R. M. Deeley ; Stourton Engine Shed by Bob Essery ; Leicester Passenger Station West Box by A. E. Overton ; The Bootle Branch by Bob Essery ; Harrington Viaduct and the Kettering & Manton Line by Bob Essery ; By The Way ; Who wants Gowhole? by Derek Ashworth ; Brighton Road by Bob Essery.
Midland Record 29 (published September 2009)
Coal for London's West End, by Giles Brown ; Moseley, by A. E. Overton ; Darley Dale, by Keith Miles ; Rowsley's Water Column, by Keith Miles ; Midland Railway Coal Pick (drawing) ; The Midland Railway in South Wales, by Bob Essery ; Huddersfield Branch Postscript, by Jamie Guest ; By the Way ; Book Review - The Rise and Fall of the Severn Bridge Railway 1872-1970.
Midland Record 28
  • The Midland Railway Huddersfield Extension by J. Guest with contributions from A. Earnshaw. — The illustrated story of the Midland Railway's long battle to reach the textile manufacturing town of Huddersfield.
  • Locomotive Headlamp Codes by Bob Essery. — The 1903 changes of lamp position.
  • Early Signal Boxes and Other Structures between Newark and Lincoln by Jim Jackson. — A pictorial feature highlighting some of the infrastructure and personalities on the Neward to Lincoln line.
  • Working the Stonehouse to Nailsworth and Stroud Branch Lines Part 2 by Bob Essery. — Bob's second article covering the operation of the Stroud branch opened to goods in 1885 and closed in 1966.
  • The Midland Goods Shed at King's Cross by S. Duckworth. — Some observations following Peter Wilde's article about the Midland Railway's early access to London in Midland Record #24 and Andrew Surry's subsequent rejoinder in the correspondence in issue #25.
  • A Tilbury Interlude by Peter Wilde. — An illustrated article about early goods trains on the Thames Haven Branch of the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway featured in the Working Time Tables of June 1884.
  • Covered Milk Truck Diagram D1272 by Bob Essery. — An illustrated article shedding further light on the somewhat confusing story of Milk and Fish Trucks built by the Midland Railway.
  • Midland Railway Signalling by Tony Overton. — A detailed account covering the mechanical indicators employed by the Midland Railway, explaining their types and uses profusely illustrated with photographs, drawings and signal box diagrams.
Midland Record 27 (published June, 2008.)

Derby Works Official Photographs (From the collection of the late David Tee) ; The ‘1528’ Class 0–4–0 Shunting Tanks by David Hunt — A detailed review of these Deeley designed shunting engines introduced in 1907 and which lasted into the 1960s. Profusely illustrated with official drawings and photographs from MR, LMS and BR days. ; Working the Stonehouse to Nailsworth and Stroud Branch Lines by Bob Essery — an illustrated history of the Nailsworth and Stroud branches concentrating on the working of the lines covering the period from their openings in 1867 and 1885 respectively to their closure to passengers in 1947 and complete closure in 1966.

Midland Record 26
Freight Through Birmingham Part 8 (Washwood Heath Sidings), by Bob Essery ; Midland railway Water Troughs, by Bob Essery ; 20ft Open Carriage Trucks Diagram 409, by Bob Essery ; Further Information on MR Headlamps, Discs and Destination Boards, by Bob Essery ; Ashchurch Station (Photographic Feature) ; The Opening of the Nottingham - Lincoln Line, by David Hunt and Bob Essery ; Midland Railway Locomotive Department Memoranda (Factual reports from the 1910's covering aspects of MR locomotives performance).
Midland Record 25
The Johnson Bogie Singles, by David Hunt ; Midland Railway Wagon Lettering, by Bob Essery ; Midland Territory - Bromham Viaduct, by Bob Essery ; Ambergate Station, by Bob Essery ; Austin Motor Works, Longbridge, by Bob Essery ; The J. S. Moore Affair, by Graham Warburton ; Thurgarton Station, by Jim Jackson ; Station Clocks, by Bob Essery ; Belper Station, by Bob Essery.
Midland Record 24
Midland Railway Signal Design During the 1880s, by A. E. Overton ; Further Information on Midland Engines, by David Hunt ; Barnsley Court House Station, by Bob Essery ; An Early Midland Railway Low Goods Wagon, by Bob Essery ; "These are the Trains, Running on the New Line Behind Us!", by Stuart Morris (Passenger train services on the Midland's West Riding line, prior to the Grouping of 1923) ; A Midland Miscellany, by Jack Braithwaite ; The Midland railway's Early Access to London, by Peter J. Wilde ; The Longbridge and Halesowen Joint Line, by Roger Carpenter and Bob Essery ; Sheffield Queen's Road Goods Station, by Bob Essery ; Some Notes on the Larger-Boliered S&D 2–8–0 Locomotives, by Philip Atkins.
Midland Record 23
Some Midland Railway Locomotive Shed Allocations and Duties c. 1867—1904, Part 1 by Jack Braithwaite ; The Longbridge and Halesowen Joint Line by R. S. Carpenter ; Midland Railway Carriages: D530 Passenger Brake Vans by Bob Essery ; Bradford, Midland Station by Bob Essery ; Edwardian Elegance — An H Boilered 4–4–0 ; Locomotive & Tender Couplings by Bob Essery ;
Midland Record 22
S. W. Johnson's 'Decorated' Steam Locomotives ; Midland Territory - Welsh Harp ; Whitwell Station ; Midland Railway Locomotive Reversing levers ; The Stephenson '130' Class ; The Johnson 4-2-2 Singles on the Nottingham to Lincoln Line ; The Bradford Through Lines or What Might Have Been ; Midland Railway Signalling at the Grouping ; D326 8-Ton Deep Case Wagon ; Midland Railway Lineside: Carriage, Horse and Cattle Docks ; Midland Railway Tender Weatherboards and Storm Sheets Part 2
Midland Record 21
The Locomotive Superintendent : His Training and Duties; The Midland Railway `A' Class 0-6-0 Tank Engines; Midland Railway Town Offices; Water cranes, columns and painting styles; MR Headlamps, discs and destination boards; Midland Railway 19th Century Train Working Part 2; MR Freight Traffic; Toton Marshalling yards; Readers' Collections; Gates; The Midland Railway Study Centre; Theatrical Traffic; MR tender weatherboards and storm sheets; Hellifield; Poplar Docks; Armley Station Signal Box; Up and Down Lines; locomotive Builders to the Midland Railway; Harpenden 1906 Station Nameboards
Midland Record 20
Nottingham c1910; 0-4-4T At Tewkesbury shed in 1955; Didsbury Goods Shed; Richard Mountford Deeley; Toton Old Bank 1910; The West Riding Lines of the Midland Railway Part 2 Crigglestone; Midland Railway Lamps. Part 3: The Kirtley `480' Class Standard Goods Engines; Signalling at Nottingham; Radstock engine coaling crane; Kentish Town Visit; Freight through Birmingham Part 7.
Midland Record 19
No. 3795 at Cossington; The West Riding Lines of the Midland Railway; Midland Railway 0-6-0 Express Goods Engines; Midland Railway Weighing Machine; Readers Collections; T he History of a Great Enterprise; Further Information on Midland Engines; Evesham Station Building; Locomotive Beauty, A Personal Viewpoint; The New Docks Branch, Gloucester; Single Rail Scotch; Newby Moor Crossing Signal Box
Midland Record 18
Running the Strike Gauntlet; Poplar Docks; Midland and LMS Fencing; The Kirtley '240' Class Standard Goods Engines; Birmingham Central Goods Station; 31ft Third Class Lavatory Carriages; Carriage Cleaning; Further information about Midland Engines Nos. 1,2,3 and 4; Warmley; Ryecroft Reflections; Signals at Kentish Town station.
Midland Record 17
Bedford Junction c1896;Tales of the London Road; Midland Railway Crane; Leeds 1909; Eric Jarvis Story Part 7; Tom King Obituary; Birmingham Central Goods Station; Personal Recollections of Birmingham Central; Midland Railway 19th Century Train Working Part 1
Midland Record 16
The Johnson Bogie Singles; Midland Railway Lamps; Eric Jarvis Story Part 6; Midland Engines - Further Information; Freight Through Birmingham Part 6; Accident at Camp Hill; Leigh Old Station; Midland Railway 31ft 0in Parcels Vans D422;
Midland Record 15
Engine for the 9.5 p.m. Carlisle; MR Level Crossing Gates; Locomotive Details; Tom King, a Midland Driver Part 5; Midland Carriages; White Sponge Cloths; Church Road; Mileage Posts, Gradient Posts and Cast Iron Notice Plates; Odd Spot
Midland Record 14
Superheater Class 2s in service; Eric Jarvis Story Part 5; Walworth Road Coal Depot; Tom King, a Midland Driver, Part 4; The Butterflies; Diagram 351 8ton High-Sided Wagon; An Introduction to Signalling, Part 2; Midland Railway Station Name Boards; Sutton Bridge M&GN Joint Railway; No. 1757 Beatrice.
Midland Record 13
A Taste of Bakewell Pudding; Locomotive Details; Tom King, a Midland driver Part 3; Hand Shunting Signals at Mantle Lane; Diagram 303 12 ton open wagon; Proposed Midland Eight-coupled engines; Midland Railway Loading and Structure gauges; Fitted Coal Train Tests.
Midland Record 12
Tom King, a Midland driver Part 2; Didsbury and the Manchester South District Railway; Diagram 387 Banana Vans; Mangotsfield; Up the Branch; A glimpse at Manchester Central; Parachute Tanks; Eric Jarvis Part 4; Swannington Station
Midland Record 11
The epitome of excellence; MR '1121' class 0-6-0 goods tank engines;, Plate Layers Cabins; Prayer services at Derby Locomotives Works; MR listed building; The Deeley 0-6-4Ts - a postscript; Midland enginemen's tools
Midland Record 10
Tom King, a Midland driver Part 1; MR cattle wagon; The Smith connection; The Barnoldswick branch; The Johnson compounds; The Midland influence on passenger trains: Freight through Birmingham Part 5.
Midland Record 9
The evolution of the `Flatirons'; Water Orton to Carlisle freight trains; Matlock miscellany; Wicker goods; S.W. Johnson's 5ft 9in 4-4-0s for the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway; Railway container development up to 1939
Midland Record 8
Freight through Birmingham Part 4; Victorian elegance; A life in Pitman's shorthand; MR 12-ton coal wagon; The effect of mining subsidence upon railways; Train control; Wellingborough marshalling yards Part 2; Point levers; Eric Jarvis story Part 3
Midland Record 7
Wellingborough marshalling yards Part 1; Mountsorrel Junction; MR coaling stage, ash pit & tank house; 10/12 ton covered goods wagons; Focus on Barnoldswick; Stop blocks; An introduction to goods stations Part 2
Midland Record 6
Swan-necked cranes and breakdown trains; Eric Jarvis story Part 2 - Signalman; Early Travelling Post Office arrangements; MR 54ft brake third, Lot 560; Sileby; Midland Railway coke wagons; An overview of early signalling; Midland Railway lamps; Freight through Birmingham Part 3
Midland Record 5
Barnt Green to Bromsgrove; Selly Oak; Cleaning Standards; Midland Territory - Trent; MR carriages converted for motor train use; Eric Jarvis story part 1 - Porter to porter signalman; St. Pancras for the Continent; Midland Carriages Diagram 508; Train Control; Freight through Birmingham Part 2 - Gasworks traffic in the Birmingham area.
Midland Record 4
An introduction to goods stations Part 1; A practical view of the Midland system of train control; 4F Reflections; Welbeck Colliery Branch Junction; The `5.10 pm Leicester Slow'; The goods guard; Midland Railway goods brake vans.
Midland Record 3
Freight from Birmingham; A ducal whimsy; A ride with a 'Highflyer'; S&DJR milk van; Midland Railway signal arm; Sheets, ropes & sacks; Joseph Ellis & Sons; An introduction to signalling.
Midland Record 2
Midland Railway signal boxes; Long timber truck; Train control; Relief arrangements; MR water tanks and tank houses; MR 15-ton steam cranes; 54ft bogie composite brake; Bakewell footbridge; The Class 4s in their final condition.
Midland Record 1
8-ton covered goods wagon Diagram 357; Rowsley - the last Midland shed; Toton sidings; Water cranes; Midland carriages Diagram 536; The 3.55 Maltese, Washwood Heath to Gloucester.
Midland Record 0
Preview issue. Out-of-print (see second hand book sites).

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