Journal 8 — August 1998

Table of Contents

  • The Other Hawes Junction Accident / By Paul Kampen
  • The Floods of November 1852 / By Chris Rouse
  • Memories of Working at Buxworth Station and Gowhole 1937–1949 / By Alf Harrop
  • Midland Railway Literature (6) / By Ted Hancock
  • Locomotive Aesthetics / By Jack Braithwaite
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
    • Midland Railway Lodging Houses / Lodging Turns
    • "You're not going to believe this..."
    • Early Royal Train Journeys on the Midland Railway
    • Midland class 2F 0-6-0's
  • Query Corner
    • Query 7: Bromsgrove Railway Carriage Works
    • Query 9: Can you idemtify this station?
    • New Query 10: Grass Tickets
  • For the modeller : Midland Railway Standard Drawings — Cattle Pens
  • Front cover

    Front cover

    A view of the recovery operations after the Wellingborough accident on 2nd Septmeber 1898. The photograph shows a large crowd of people on the overbridge, various rolling stock and the lodging house mentioned in previous Journals.

    [Giles Brown collection]

  • Rear cover

    An unusual card printed in connection with an early excursion on the Midland. Its route from Ilkeston to Sheffield would probably have been via Long Eaton junction (reverse), Derby North Curve, Ambergate, Chesterfield, and Masborough (reverse). The junction with the MS&L line at Beighton opened in February 1849, so it is just possible the the train used this more direct route to Shefflied Bridgehousees instead.