Journal 59 — Autumn 2015

Table of Contents

  • The Midland And The Irish Sea / By David Hunt
  • 4–4–0 Compound No. 1005 Oiling
  • Foreigners / By Ian Howard
  • D633 & D644 Covered Goods Wagons / By Andy Boothman
  • Saltley: Train Of D305 Wagons
  • Mail On The Midland Railway And Its Constituents, 1840–1875: Part 2 / By John Soer
  • Query Corner
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
  • Front cover

    Front cover

    This photograph shows the paddle steamer Duchess of Buccleuch (the one with two funnels) alongside Ramsden Dock Harbour station, Barrow-in-Furness, in about 1905. Built by the Fairfield Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. on the Clyde at Govan in 1888 for the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway and named Rouen, she was the last vessel to be obtained for the Barrow Steam Navigation Co. (BSNC) when she was bought and transferred to Barrow in 1903. Just over two years after Heysham opened in 1904, ownership of the BSNC ships were transferred to the Midland Railway, but in this picture Duchess of Buccleuch was still carrying BSNC colours. Our cover photograph shows part of the story of the Midland’s Irish Sea traffic, the first part of which appears in the article by Dave Hunt in this issue.

    [Roy F. Burrows Midland Collection Trust, No. 68660: John Alsop collection, Midland Railway Study Centre]

  • Rear cover

    Rear cover

    After all these years have passed, it is easy to forget how important to the Midland Railway was its traffic from and to Liverpool and Birkenhead. This un-dated coloured poster was for display in the offices of its major customers. The copy at the Study Centre is about 30 inches wide, and is mounted on thick card ready to be hung on a suitable wall. All the Midland’s goods traffic sites are shown in red. The omission of the important Midland business of the Liverpool Adelphi hotel was, of course, that it was not part of the goods activity. It was sited a little north of the Central station. Reading from left to right on the Liverpool side, we see the goods stations at Langton & Alexandra Dock, Sandon & Canada Dock, Huskisson (CLC) and Victoria Street. There was a Midland Parcels office on Castle Street. Smaller items could be also be dealt with at the Central station (CLC). The final station on the Liverpool side was the CLC complex at Brunswick. The CLC Shore Road goods station was on the Birkenhead side.

    [Roy F. Burrows Midland Collection Trust, No. 11816: Midland Railway Study Centre]