Journal 5 — July 1997

Table of Contents

  • The Chapeltown Branch Extension : a Centenary / By Roger Brettle
  • Freight Services on the Hereford Hay & Brecon Line in 1917 / By Roy Burrows
  • Midland Railway Literature (3) / By Ted Hancock
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
    • Midland Railway Lodging Houses / Lodging Turns
  • John Ashwell, Contractor
  • Query Corner
    • Query 1: Stations between Bromsgrove and Abbotswood Junction
    • Query 3: Camp Hill
    • Query 2: Control Offices
    • Query 5: Shipment Traffic via Birkenhead
    • Query 6: Where was this photo taken?
    • New Query 7: Bromsgrove Railway Carriage Works
  • A Johnson Beauty / By Jack Braithwaite
  • Front cover

    This interesting shot of a Down Goods leaving Hay can be associated with the article about freight services over the line commencing on page 7. The photograph has actually been scanned off a laser copy, but should still be fairly sharp.

    [W. H. Smith collection]

  • Rear cover

    A bill for bed and breakfast at the Midland Grand, St. Pancras, in 1905. The clientele msut have been reasonably well off for 9/- was quite a lot of money in those days. To many, the advertising of separate rates for accomodation and breakfast is a modern practice, but this shows that the Midland were using the arrangement many years ago.