Journal 14 — Summer 2000

Table of Contents

  • Early Accidents on the Midland Railway: 1846 (part 1) / By Chris Rouse
  • Deeley and the 990 Class — A missed opurtunity / By Stuart Morris
  • Focus on Woodville Junction / By David Harris
  • Midland Shipping Services in the 19th century / By Alan Budd
  • What the Papers Said
  • Comments on Items in Previous Journals
    • Into the next millenium...
    • Early accidents on the Midland : 1845
  • Query Corner
    • Query 20 (new query) : Out-door assistant's office, Derby
    • Query 21 (new query) : Wilson and Cammell works, Dronfield
    • Query 17 (new query) : North Midland railway station
    • Query 18 (new query) : Accident at Leicester West Bridge
  • Midland Railway Scale Drawings - Cromford 'New' Station
  • Front cover

    Front cover

    Photographs of trains using the east / west level crossing at Ashchurch are rare. This view looking north shows Compound No. 1038 proceeding from the Tewksbury Line to the Evesham line during early BR days, but still in LMS livery. Ashchurch Level Crossing signalbox is on the Down platform to the right of the picture and was an LMS replacement for the original Midland box which was in the north-west corner of the crossing and would have been behind the tender of No. 1038.

    [R. Burrows Ccollection]

  • Rear cover

    A feature of 19th and early 20th century life was the publication of poems to mark particular events or publicise a point of view. This poem, which was framed and is alleged to have been on display in the Sun Inn at Eastwood, would appear to commemorate the introduction of the ten hour day for footplate staff. The working week was based on six days or sixty hours.

    [G. Waite collection]