Derby Registers DY7502–DY7637

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY750209-7960 Automatic Steam and Vacuum Brake [replaced 1853 Engine alone N.B.O. which had been destroyed]
DY750326 Engine and tender
DY750426 Engine alone [destroyed]
DY75051743 Engine and tender
DY75061743 Engine and alone [crossed through]
DY75071853 Engine and tender
DY75081853 Engine and tender [destroyed]
DY75091853 Engine and tender, blacked out but not lined
DY75101853 Engine alone [crossed through]
DY75111853 Engine and tender
DY7512G328/07 Diagram of Fire Hydrants St. Pancras [replaced 1853 Engine and tender destroyed 9/11/1917]
DY75131822 Engine and tender
DY75141822 Engine alone [crossed through]
DY75152421 Engine and tender
DY7516150 Engine and tender
DY751718-9987 Automatic Steam & Vacuum Brake Details [replaced 150 Engine and tender - crossed through]
DY75182236 Passenger Tank Engine
DY75191138A Sadle Tank Engine
DY75201126 Goods Tank Engine
DY75212094 Engine alone [cleaned off 23/2/1928]
DY75222094 Engine and tender
DY7523183 Engine and tender
DY75241832 Passenger Tank Engine
DY75252189 Engine and tender [crossed through]
DY75262189 Engine and tender
DY75272189 Engine alone [crossed through]
DY75282199 Engine perspective [crossed through]
DY75291868 Engine and tender
DY7530116 Engine and tender
DY7531Map of Derby [replaced 116 Engine and tender - crossed through]
DY7532116 Engine and tender perspective
DY753363 Engine and tender
DY75342217 Engine and tender
DY7535Billinton Testimonial Group
DY753690-3417-C Vacuum Brake Diagram (transparency) [replaced Drawing of GNR Saddle tank engine - crossed through]
DY753797-4373 Cylinder Proportions
DY75382516 Schenactady Engine and tender
DY753990-3417-A Vacuum Brake Diagram
DY754090-3417-B Vacuum Brake Diagram
DY754190-3417-C Vacuum Brake Diagram
DY754290-3451 Vacuum Brake Diagram
DY7543Arrangement of single engine 7'.4" wheel
DY7544Arrangement of single engine 7'.4" wheel
DY7545Arrangement of tender
DY7546916 Exhibition Carriage
DY7547View of Works from footbridge
DY754884-2055 Arrangement 4 wheel coupled Passenger Engine - 7'.0" wheels
DY754985-2311 Arrangement 4 wheel coupled Passenger Engine - 7'.0" wheels
DY755097-4397 Arrangement single wheel Passenger Engine - 7'.9" wheels
DY755197-4397 Arrangement of tender
DY7552Plan of Loco Works 1898
DY7553Plan of Loco Works 1895
DY7554Arrangement of single engine 7'.6" wheel
DY7555Arrangement of single engine tender
DY7556Plan of Loco Works 1889
DY7557Billinton Testimonial Group N.U.
DY7558Plan of Loco Works 1895
DY75592601 Engine and tender Princess of Wales (Best)
DY75602601 Engine and tender Princess of Wales (N.B.O.)
DY75612601 Engine alone [crossed through]
DY75622601 Tender
DY75632601 Engine alone [crossed through]
DY75642601 Engine and tender perspective
DY75652601 Engine and tender [crossed through and endorsed "not used"]
DY75662601 Engine and tender perspective
DY75672601 Engine and tender [crossed through and endorsed "not blacked out"]
DY75682601 Engine and tender, not lined [crossed through]
DY75691000 Engine and tender in perspective, not lined ["in perspective" crossed through]
DY7570Group - Photographers Convention
DY7571Plan of No.1 Drawing Office
DY757299-4652 Smoke box arrangement Paris Exhibition Engine [crossed through]
DY757399-4652 Smoke box arrangement Paris Exhibition Engine [crossed through]
DY7574Drawing of engine 2601 when coloured
DY7575Baldwin Engine and tender - 2506
DY7576Baldwin Engine and tender - 2506, perspective
DY757777 M&GN Engine and tender
DY7578General arrangement Bogie Tender
DY7579General arrangement Bogie Tender
DY7580General arrangement Paris Exhibition Engine
DY7581Arrangement Bogie tender [duplicate]
DY7582Arrangement of tender
DY7583No original entry, but lightly endorsed "ground glass" at a later date
DY7584Plan of Loco Works 1895
DY7585Standard Private Owners Wagon 8 ton
DY7586Arrangement of single engine 7'.6" wheel
DY7587Arrangement of 4 wheel coupled engine 7'.0" wheel
DY7588Map of Derby 1610
DY75892607 Engine and tender (used)
DY75902607 Engine and tender N.B.O.
DY75912607 Engine and tender, perspective
DY7592757W Plan of Carriage Works (transparency) [originally shown as 2607 Engine alone - cleaned off 21/10/1919]
DY75932607 Tender alone
DY759471 Engine S&D. 4-wheel coupled Passenger Engine
DY7595G181/07 Heysham Harbour Diagram of Fire Hydrant & Stop Valves 3/2/1908
DY7596General arrangement of Compound Engine
DY75972632 Compound engine and tender
DY75982632 Compound engine and tender (not used)
DY75992784 Belpaire Engine and tender, coupled
DY76002784 Belpaire Engine and tender, coupled
DY7601999 Four Wheel coupled bogie passenger engine 6/3/1907
DY7602Engine 1000, Compound
DY7603Engine 1025, Compound
DY7604Engine 1025, Compound N.B.O.
DY7605Engine 2736 and tender, Goods
DY7606Engine 2736 and tender, Goods N.B.O.
DY7607Engine 281 and tender, Goods 30/11/1906
DY7608Engine 864 and tender, Four wheel coupled bogie 29/10/1906
DY7609Engine 139 and tender, Four wheel coupled bogie 22/10/1906
DY7610Engine 1000, Tank 8/4/1907
DY7611Engine 1528 Shunting Tank 1907
DY7612Plan of Loco Works
DY7613Plan of Loco Works 1902
DY7614G354/07 Proposed Suction Pipe for Petrol Tank Wagons
DY7615Diagram map, sheet 13, No.26
DY761604-5845 General Arrangement of Motor Carriage
DY7617Diagram of Speed restrictions Kirby Stephen to Carlisle
DY7618Proposed extension of Loco Works, Derby
DY7619Diagram of M.R. Carriage Works, Derby 17/7/1911
DY7620G182/08 Diagram of connections Westinghouse Car Heysham 1908
DY7621G270/07 Diagram of connections Westinghouse Car Heysham
DY7622Engine 77 S&D 4-wheel coupled Passenger Engine
DY7623G270/07 Diagram of connections Westinghouse Car
DY7624386 Engine, Passenger 12/5/1909
DY7625Group of Officials 5/1/1909
DY7626Engine and tender, 700. [replaced C&W Department plan of Works] 3/9/1913
DY762709-7960 Automatic Steam and Vacuum Brake (negative) [replaced MR Distance Diagram No.26]
DY7628Engine and tender, 3835 27/9/1911
DY7629Engine and tender, 483 14/2/1912
DY7630Engine and tender, 770 5/7/1912?
DY7631Engine and tender, 990 3/7/1912
DY7632London Tube Railways (transparency)
DY7633378 Engine and tender 31/3/1913
DY7634378 Engine and tender N.B.O 31/3/1913
DY76353815 Goods Engine and tender 15/4/1913
DY763680 S&DJR Passenger Engine
DY7637Diagram of Control Extension