Derby Registers DY4001–DY4250

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY4001Old bridge Lincoln
DY4002Old bridge Lincoln
DY4003Old bridge Lincoln
DY4004New bridge Shipley from gas yard
DY4005New bridge Shipley
DY4006Canal bridge Shipley
DY4007Old bridge Hindburn
DY4008New bridge Whites [struck out] "DESTROYED"
DY4009Crook O Lune bridge Lancaster
DY4010Crook O Lune bridge Lancaster
DY4011Windhill Road bridge Shipley
DY4012New bridge Defford (copied)
DY4013Over bridge Unstone
DY4014Over bridge Unstone
DY4015Footbridge over platform Basford
DY4016Footbridge over platform Basford
DY4017Old bridge Marlak Bingley
DY4018Bridge South Curve, Masbro'
DY4019Bridge South Curve, Masbro'
DY4020Footbridge over platform Dore & Totley
DY4021Footbridge over platform Dore & Totley
DY4022River bridge Matlock
DY4023River bridge Matlock
DY4024Footbridge Bradford
DY4025Bradford, School Street, bridge
DY4026Bradford, site of new station, river and bridge
DY4027Bradford, alterations for new station
DY4028Bradford, alterations for new station
DY4029Old river bridge Whatstandwell
DY4030Cawder bridge Matlock
DY4031Viaduct (Farrars') Low Bentham
DY4032Viaduct (Green's) Low Bentham
DY4033Viaduct (Punch Bowl) Low Bentham
DY4034Canal bridge Gargrave, Low Bentham
DY4035Over bridge 42 Shipley
DY4036Footbridge over platform Fishponds
DY4037Bridge High Peak Junction, Cromford
DY4038Bridge High Peak Junction, Cromford
DY4039Viaduct Sharnbrook
DY4040Viaduct Sharnbrook
DY4041Viaduct Sharnbrook
DY4042Bridge Lea Wood, Whatstandwell
DY4043Viaduct, Trent
DY4044Viaduct, Trent
DY4045Old bridge, Breedon
DY4046Old bridge, Breedon
DY4047New bridge, Breedon
DY4048New bridge, Breedon
DY4049New bridge, Breedon
DY4050New bridge, Breedon
DY4051New bridge, Breedon
DY4052New bridge, Cleeve
DY4053New bridge, Cleeve
DY4054Old bridge, Cleeve
DY4055Old bridge, Cleeve
DY4056New bridge, Cleeve during construction
DY4057New bridge, Washstones, Frisby
DY4058New bridge, Washstones, Frisby
DY4059Old bridge, Washstones, Frisby
DY4060New bridge, Brooksby
DY4061New bridge, Brooksby
DY4062Old bridge, Brooksby
DY4063Old bridge, Brooksby
DY4064Old over bridge, Kings Heath
DY4065Old over bridge, Kings Heath
DY4066New over bridge, Kings Heath
DY4067New over bridge, Kings Heath
DY4068Clapham Viaducts, Oakley
DY4069Clapham Viaducts (full view), Oakley
DY4070New bridge, River Nar, Lynn
DY4071New bridge, River Nar, Lynn
DY4072Old bridge, River Nar, Lynn
DY4073Old bridge, River Nar, Lynn
DY4074Bridge, Sutton (open)
DY4075Bridge, Sutton (open)
DY4076Platelaying operations, Wickwar
DY4077Viaduct (Green's [Creen]), Low Bentham
DY4078New Fleam bridge, Willington
DY4079New Fleam bridge, Willington
DY4080Old Fleam bridge, Willington
DY4081New bridge, Hargate
DY4082Old bridge, Hargate
DY4083Old Brook bridge, Egginton
DY4084New Brook bridge, Egginton
DY4085Footbridge, Ketton
DY4086New bridge, Welford Road, Leicester ; During construction
DY4087New bridge, Welford Road, Leicester ; During construction
DY4088New bridge, Fox Street, Leicester ; Completed
DY4089New bridge, Fox Street, Leicester ; Completed
DY4090New bridge, Regents Road, Leicester
DY4091Map, East prospect of Burton
DY4092New viaduct, Chiltern Green
DY4093New viaduct, Chiltern Green ; Straight view
DY4094New viaduct, Chiltern Green ; General view
DY4095New viaduct, Chiltern Green, during construction ; From road
DY4096New viaduct, Chiltern Green, during construction ; Long view
DY4097New viaduct, Chiltern Green, during construction ; General view
DY4098New bridge over GNR, Harpenden
DY4099New bridge over GNR, Harpenden
DY4100New bridge over road, St Albans ; Near view
DY4101New bridge over road, St Albans ; Distant view
DY4102New bridge over road, St Albans ; Girders
DY4103Viaduct over river, Bedford
DY4104Viaduct over river, Bedford
DY4105Bridge over GNR, St Albans ; During construction
DY4106Bridge over GNR, St Albans ; View on top
DY4107Bridge over GNR, St Albans ; Completed
DY4108Bridge over road, Harpenden ; During construction
DY4109Bridge over road, Harpenden from Gas Yard ; During construction
DY4110Bridge over road, Harpenden from Gas Yard ; Completed
DY4111Bridge over road, Harpenden
DY4112Bridge over road, Harpenden from road ; During construction
DY4113Clapham Viaducts, Oakley ; Shewing 2 spans over river
DY4114Clapham Viaducts, (Girders for) ; At Richards' Yard, Leicester
DY4115Clapham Viaducts, (Girders for) ; At Richards' Yard, Leicester
DY4116Clapham Viaducts, during construction
DY4117Clapham Viaducts, during construction ; Shewing spans over river
DY4118Clapham Viaducts, completed ; General view
DY4119New canal bridge, Droitwich Road, Stoke Works ; Looking towards Stoke Works
DY4120New canal bridge, Droitwich Road, Stoke Works ; Looking towards Worcester
DY4121Old canal bridge, Droitwich Road, Stoke Works ; Looking towards Worcester
DY4122Old canal bridge, Droitwich Road, Stoke Works ; Looking towards Stoke Works
DY4123New overbridge, Barnt Green
DY4124New overbridge, Barnt Green
DY4125Old overbridge, Barnt Green
DY4126Footbridge over platform, Berkeley Road
DY4128Footbridge over platform, Yate
DY4129Old overbridge, Spetchley
DY4130New overbridge, Spetchley
DY4131New overbridge, Spetchley
DY4132Old overbridge, Spetchley
DY4133Old bridge, Whitney-on-the-Wye
DY4134Old bridge, Whitney-on-the-Wye
DY4135Old bridge, Whitney-on-the-Wye
DY4136Old bridge, Whitney-on-the-Wye
DY4137New bridge No. 42, Shipley
DY4138Footbridge over platform, Ketton
DY4139Footbridge over platform, Ketton
DY4140Footbridge over platform, Bagworth
DY4141Footbridge over platform, Bagworth
DY4142Footbridge over platform, Ashchurch
DY4143Footbridge over platform, Ashchurch
DY4144Footbridge over platform, Cromford
DY4145Old viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4146New viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4147New viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4148Old viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4149Old viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4150New viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4151New viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4152New viaduct, Wellingborough
DY4153New viaduct, Stonehouse
DY4154New viaduct, Stonehouse
DY4155New viaduct, Stonehouse
DY4156Old canal bridge, Stenson
DY4157New canal bridge, Stenson
DY4158New canal bridge, Stenson
DY4159Forth Bridge, Queensferry main pier
DY4160Forth Bridge, view looking along inside
DY4161Forth Bridge from East
DY4162Forth Bridge, Fife main pier
DY4163Forth Bridge, Fife main pier
DY4164Forth Bridge, from south-east
DY4165Forth Bridge, Queensferry main pier ; From south
DY4166Old overbridge, Mangotsfield
DY4167Old overbridge, Mangotsfield
DY4168Old bridge, Abbotswood
DY4169Old bridge, Abbotswood
DY4170New bridge, Abbotswood
DY4171New bridge, Abbotswood
DY4172Footbridge over platform, Stamford
DY4173Footbridge over platform, Stamford
DY4175Bridge, New England, Peterborough
DY4176Bridge, New England, Peterborough
DY4177Ilkeston Town station
DY4178Ilkeston Town station
DY4179Old bridge, Cheltenham
DY4180Old bridge, Cheltenham
DY4181New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Straight view of girders
DY4182New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; General view
DY4183New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Shewing cattle
DY4184Old viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; East view
DY4185Old viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Perspective view
DY4186New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Looking through girders on top
DY4187New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; General view
DY4188New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Girder being erected
DY4189New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Girder in position
DY4190New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Girder being erected
DY4191New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Straight view of girders
DY4192New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Girders in position
DY4193New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Girders general view
DY4194New viaduct, Bromham, Bedford ; Perspective view
DY4195Derby, plan shewing Roman Wall Loco
DY4196Midland Counties Railway 1840 Opening Bill Loco
DY4197Engines (list of), Leicester & Swannington Railway Loco
DY4198Derby water softening apparatus Loco
DY4199Derby water softening apparatus Loco
DY4200Group Bass & Co, Liverpool Loco
DY4201Group Bass & Co, Liverpool Loco
DY4202Machine, boiler drilling Loco
DY4203Machine, boiler drilling Loco
DY4204Machine, tube cleaning Loco
DY4205Machine, slotting Loco
DY4206Machine, axlebox drilling Loco
DY4207Machine, drilling Loco
DY4208Machine, polishing Loco
DY4209Accident Clay Mills Loco
DY4211Liverpool Adelphi Hotel, Drawing Room Hotel
DY4212Liverpool Adelphi Hotel, Sitting Room Hotel
DY4213Liverpool Adelphi Hotel, Bedroom (double) Hotel
DY4214Liverpool Adelphi Hotel, Restaurant Hotel
DY4215Liverpool Adelphi Hotel, Restaurant Hotel
DY4216Liverpool Adelphi Hotel, Bedroom (single) Hotel
DY4217Bradford Midland Hotel, Dining Room Hotel
DY4218Bradford Midland Hotel, Restaurant Hotel
DY4219Bradford Midland Hotel, Grand Staircase Hotel
DY4220Bradford Midland Hotel, Smoke Room Hotel
DY4221Bradford Midland Hotel, Billiard Room Hotel
DY4222Bradford Midland Hotel, Restaurant Hotel
DY4223Bradford Midland Hotel, Restaurant Hotel
DY4224Bradford Midland Hotel, Grand Staircase Hotel
DY4226Derby, Osmaston Hall, near front view Traffic
DY4227Derby, Osmaston Hall, distant front view Traffic
DY4228Derby, Osmaston Hall, shewing trees and lake Traffic
DY4229Derby, Osmaston Hall Traffic
DY4230Elstow, street view Traffic
DY4231Derby station interior Queen's visit decorations 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4232Derby station awning Queen's visit decorations 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4233Derby station triumphal arch Queen's visit decorations 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4234Derby station triumphal arch Queen's visit decorations 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4235Derby station triumphal arch Queen's visit decorations ; Skeleton 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4236Derby station triumphal arch Queen's visit decorations ; Skeleton 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4237Derby station exterior Queen's visit decorations 21/5/1891Traffic
DY4238Derby station, exterior ; [broken] Traffic
DY4239Derby station, exterior Traffic
DY4240Bradford station, exterior Traffic
DY4241Accelerator for vehicles fitted with connecting pipe Loco
DY4242Vacuum brake arrangement (high speed) Loco
DY4243Valve, pressure retaining Loco
DY4244Valve, high-speed ball Loco
DY4245Valve, automatic reducing Loco
DY4246Valve, quick-acting triple Loco
DY4248Group Loco Clerks at Bakewell 21/6/1890Loco
DY4249Engines, sheet shewing types of loco Loco
DY4250Bath, old Roman rectangular bath Traffic