Derby Registers DY1–DY250

The Derby Registers are a list of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway Photographer and their successors. The original registers can be viewed in the library at the National Railway Museum in York, England. This data has been typed in by volunteers from the Midland Railway Society.

DY1Matlock Bath & Promenade 16/6/????Advertising
DY2Matlock Bath, from Pavilion ; See 10" × 8" neg 3136 16/6/????Advertising
DY3Matlock Bath, from Fish Pond 16/6/????Advertising
DY4Matlock Bath, river, road & railway /6/1890Advertising
DY5Matlock Bath, near Cromford ; In Vale of Derwent /6/1890Advertising
DY6Cromford, Church 6/6/1885Advertising
DY7Cromford, Willersley Castle grounds 6/6/1885Advertising
DY8Cromford, entrance to Willersley Castle 6/6/1885Advertising
DY9Cromford, entrance to Via Gellia /5/1892Advertising
DY10Cromford, Black Rocks /5/1892Advertising
DY11Cromford, in Via Gellia /5/1892Advertising
DY12Cromford, in Via Gellia, Waterfall /5/1892Advertising
DY13Cromford, river bridge & tree /5/1892Advertising
DY14Bakewell, church, (Vernon's Tomb) Advertising
DY15Bakewell, on road from Rowsley /4/1890Advertising
DY16Bakewell, river, bridge, flood gates /7/1892Advertising
DY17Bakewell, church, exterior /4/1890Advertising
DY18Bakewell, church, exterior /4/1890Advertising
DY19Bakewell, bridge 23/5/1910Advertising
DY20Bakewell, bridge 23/5/1910Advertising
DY21Bakewell, bridge and flood gates 7/1892Advertising
DY22Bonsal, church 6/6/1885Advertising
DY23Bonsal, market cross 6/6/1885Advertising
DY24Ashby Castle, from lawn (tennis) 25/5/1892Advertising
DY25Ashby Castle, with flag staff 25/5/1892Advertising
DY26Ashby Castle, from lawn 25/5/1892Advertising
DY27Ashby Castle, keep 25/5/1892Advertising
DY28Ashby Castle, keep 25/5/1892Advertising
DY29Ashby Castle, shewing keep 25/5/1892Advertising
DY30Ambergate, with tree 6/1890Advertising
DY31Ambergate, railway and road 6/1890Advertising
DY32Monsal Dale, from Cressbrook 9/1892Advertising
DY33Monsal Dale, from railway platform 6/1890Advertising
DY34Monsal Dale, station looking north [unreadable]Advertising
DY35Monsal Dale, foot bridge 6/1890Advertising
DY36Monsal Dale, station looking south 20/4/1911Advertising
DY37Monsal Dale, Headstone Tunnel 20/4/1911Advertising
DY38Millers Dale, looking up river 9/5/1892Advertising
DY39Millers Dale, looking back 9/5/1892Advertising
DY40Millers Dale, entrance to Chee Dale 6/7/1885Advertising
DY41Millers Dale, shewing station 11/5/1910Advertising
DY42Millers Dale, shewing station, distant view 11/5/1910Advertising
DY43Millers Dale, viaduct in the dale 9/5/1892Advertising
DY44Buxton, Ashwood Dale Advertising
DY45Millers Dale, railway viaduct 23/8/1892Advertising
DY46Millers Dale, railway viaduct ; read view 23/8/1892Advertising
DY47Chatsworth, bridge & house, distant view 9/8/1912Advertising
DY48Chatsworth, bridge & house 7/1889Advertising
DY49Chatsworth, distant view ; (copy) 7/1889Advertising
DY50Chatsworth, distant view ; (duplicate [of 50] 7/1889Advertising
DY51Rowsley, river bridge 5/1891Advertising
DY52Rowsley, street & sign post 6/4/1892Advertising
DY53Rowsley, wood 5/1891Advertising
DY54Rowsley, church 5/1891Advertising
DY55Wingfield Manor, crypt Advertising
DY56Wingfield Manor, courtyard ; chimneys 21/5/1885Advertising
DY57Wingfield Manor, courtyard 21/5/1885Advertising
DY58Wingfield Manor, interior 21/5/1885Advertising
DY59Alport in the Dale 6/1890Advertising
DY60Alport in the Dale, waterfall 26/4/1893Advertising
DY61Lathkill Dale, showing footbridge 26/4/1893Advertising
DY62Lathkill Dale, looking up river 26/4/1893Advertising
DY63Ketton church Advertising
DY64Wells Cathedral, the yard 5/1888Advertising
DY65Wells Cathedral, exterior, west front 5/1888Advertising
DY66Glastonbury Abbey, outside nave ; with figures 5/1888Advertising
DY67Glastonbury Abbey, outside nave 5/1888Advertising
DY68Glastonbury Abbey, interior nave 5/1888Advertising
DY69Glastonbury Abbey, interior, nave ?/?/1888Advertising
DY70Glastonbury Abbey, interior, nave ?/?/1888Advertising
DY71Bath, circular bath ?/?/1888Advertising
DY72Bath, circular bath ; (Duplicate) ?/?/1888Advertising
DY73Bath, roman rectangular bath ?/?/1888Advertising
DY74Bath Abbey, exterior ?/?/1888Advertising
DY75Bath Abbey, nave ?/?/1888Advertising
DY76Bath, from river Avon ?/?/1888Advertising
DY77In Dove Dale ; Shewing reflection in water 8/6/1893Advertising
DY78In Dove Dale, river on left side 13/7/1885Advertising
DY79In Dove Dale, with coach 13/7/1885Advertising
DY80In Dove Dale, with cows 8/6/1893Advertising
DY81In Dove Dale, with figure 8/6/1893Advertising
DY82Cheltenham, Devils Chimney 7/1892Advertising
DY83Cheltenham, Pittville gardens shewing temple 7/1892Advertising
DY84Cheltenham, Queens Road 28/10/1890Advertising
DY85Cheltenham, Pittville gardens shewing bridge 7/1892Advertising
DY86Malvern, street 10/1890Advertising
DY87Malvern, general view (Abbey) 10/1890Advertising
DY88Malvern, abbey and pond 10/1890Advertising
DY89Malvern, street leading from station 10/1890Advertising
DY90Malvern, abbey gateway 10/1890Advertising
DY91Repton, street and church 5/1892Advertising
DY92Repton, new school 5/1892Advertising
DY93Repton, school arch 5/1892Advertising
DY94Repton, old school 5/1892Advertising
DY95Harrogate, sulphur well 11/9/1891Advertising
DY96Harrogate, general view 11/9/1891Advertising
DY97Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge 7/1892Advertising
DY98Bristol, Saint Mary's church nave 7/1892Advertising
DY99Bristol, quay and drawbridge 5/1889Advertising
DY100Edensor, church, upright 29/4/1896Advertising
DY101Edensor, church, horizontal 29/4/1896Advertising
DY102Edensor, village 29/4/1896Advertising
DY103Edensor village 9/8/????Advertising
DY104Furness Abbey, Cloisters 24/4/1886Advertising
DY105Furness Abbey, Nave 20/9/1892Advertising
DY106Furness Abbey, Abbot's kitchen 20/9/1892Advertising
DY107Furness Abbey, Sedilia 20/9/1892Advertising
DY108Furness Abbey, Chapter House 20/9/1892Advertising
DY109Furness Abbey, Chapter House, entrace to 24/4/1886Advertising
DY110Ashford-in-the-Water, Mill (upright) Advertising
DY111Ashford-in-the-Water, Mill (old) 8/1888Advertising
DY112Ashford-in-the-Water, Church 8/1888Advertising
DY113Millers Dale, shewing Church 23/8/1892Advertising
DY114Millers Dale, near Chee Dale 2/1/1895Advertising
DY115Chesterfield, general view 8/1888Advertising
DY116St. Albans Abbey, the Nave 27/5/1892Advertising
DY117St. Albans Abbey, from the fields 27/5/1892Advertising
DY118St. Albans Abbey, distant view 27/5/1892Advertising
DY119St. Albans, Sofwell Nunnery 27/5/1892Advertising
DY120St. Albans, old Prison House 14/8/1891Advertising
DY121St. Albans Abbey, the reredos 14/8/1891Advertising
DY122Leicester, Newarks & St. Mary's Church ; with figures 13/6/1892Advertising
DY123Gloucester Cathedral, Nave 24/10/1890Advertising
DY124Gloucester Cathedral, from street 24/10/1890Advertising
DY125Gloucester Cathedral, Roman arches 24/10/1890Advertising
DY126Gloucester Cathedral, from field 24/10/1890Advertising
DY127Gloucester Cathedral, south entrance 24/10/1890Advertising
DY128Gloucester Cathedral, south entrance ; (dup) 24/10/1890Advertising
DY129Gloucester Cathedral, Hooper's monument 24/10/1890Advertising
DY130Gloucester Cathedral, cloisters 23/3/1892Advertising
DY131Gloucester Cathedral, extrerior 7/6/1913Advertising
DY132Gloucester Cathedral, exterior (used) 7/6/1913Advertising
DY133Gloucester Cathedral, St. Paul's chapel 7/6/1913Advertising
DY134Hardwick, Old Hall, distant view ; footpath in centre 20/8/1891Advertising
DY135Hardwick, Old Hall, distant view ; footpath across pasture 20/8/1891Advertising
DY136Hardwick, Old Hall, near view 20/8/1891Advertising
DY137Hardwick, New Hall 20/8/1891Advertising
DY138Kirkstall Abbey, near view 30/9/1891Advertising
DY139Kirkstall Abbey, Cloister 30/9/1891Advertising
DY140Newstead Abbey, full view 26/4/1892Advertising
DY141Newstead Abbey, near view 26/4/1892Advertising
DY142Newstead Abbey, distant view (full) 26/4/1892Advertising
DY143Sir M. W. Thompson
DY144Sir M. W. Thompson
DY145York, St. Mary's Abbey 4/4/1885Advertising
DY146York Minster, Nave 6/1892Advertising
DY147York Minster, north aisle flags 6/1892Advertising
DY148York Minster, west front 6/1892Advertising
DY149York Minster, south aisle 6/1892Advertising
DY150York Minster, north aisle ; shewing monuments 6/1892Advertising
DY151York, old gateway ; shewing three arches 6/1892Advertising
DY152York, old Abbey ; shewing old gateway 6/1892Advertising
DY153Southwell, Minster, from fields 2/5/1892Advertising
DY154Southwell, Minster, from fields ; boys in foreground 24/5/1910Advertising
DY155Southwell, Minster, from fields ; distant view 24/5/1910Advertising
DY156Southwell, Priory ; near view 24/5/1910Advertising
DY157Southwell, Priory ; shewing tombstone 24/5/1910Advertising
DY158Southwell, Minster, west front 2/5/1892Advertising
DY159Southwell, Minster, south nave aisle 29/3/1893Advertising
DY160Southwell, Minster, nave ; shewing centre aisle 29/3/1893Advertising
DY161Southwell, Minster, Chapter houses 29/3/1893Advertising
DY162Bedford, Bunyan's Monument 6/1905Advertising
DY163Bedford, Bunyan's Monument, upright 6/1905Advertising
DY164Bedford, Bunyan's Monument, upright ; duplicate 6/1905Advertising
DY165Elstow, Bunyan's cottage (not used) Advertising
DY166Elstow, Bunyan's cottage (not used) Advertising
DY167Elstow, Bunyan's cottage 15/5/1896Advertising
DY168Elstow, Bunyan's preaching room 15/6/1896Advertising
DY169Buxton, Pavilion 13/4/1893Advertising
DY170Buxton, in public gardens 13/4/1893Advertising
DY171Buxton, Goyts bridge, distant view 5/4/1892Advertising
DY172Buxton, Goyts bridge, near view 5/4/1892Advertising
DY173Buxton, old bridge, near Goyts bridge 5/4/1892Advertising
DY174Buxton, gardens, waterfall 13/4/1893Advertising
DY175Buxton, Crescent 5/4/1892Advertising
DY176Bolton Abbey, the Nave, exterior 16/9/1891Advertising
DY177Bolton Abbey, general view, with cows 16/9/1891Advertising
DY178Bolton Abbey, Refectary arch 16/9/1891Advertising
DY179Bolton Abbey, interior 14/7/1896Advertising
DY180Bolton Abbey, general view 14/7/1896Advertising
DY181Bolton Abbey, Lord Cavendish memorial 14/7/1896Advertising
DY182Settle, Market Place 18/9/1891Advertising
DY183Settle, on road to Giggleswick 18/9/1891Advertising
DY184Newark Castle, near view 10/6/1892Advertising
DY185Newark Castle, from meadows 10/6/1892Advertising
DY186Newark Castle and grounds 10/6/1892Advertising
DY187Newark Castle, from bridge 10/6/1892Advertising
DY188Newark Castle, near view ; shewing scaffold 10/6/1892Advertising
DY189Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's house ; shewing flagpole 5/1893Advertising
DY190Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's house 5/1893Advertising
DY191Stratford-on-Avon, church 5/1893Advertising
DY192Stratford-on-Avon, memorial theatre 5/1893Advertising
DY193Stratford-on-Avon, Ann Hathaway's cottage (copy) 5/1893Advertising
DY194Rushton, Triangular Lodge 11/4/1892Advertising
DY195Rushton, Triangular Lodge, large 11/4/1892Advertising
DY196Rushton, Triangular Lodge, entrance 11/4/1892Advertising
DY197Blackpool Promenade, looking south 20/8/1895Advertising
DY198Blackpool, Claremont Park 20/8/1895Advertising
DY199Ingleton, Thornton Force 24/5/1893Advertising
DY200Ingleton, railway viaduct 24/5/1893Advertising
DY201Ingleton, waterfall & bridge 24/5/1893Advertising
DY202Ingleton, snow fall 24/5/1893Advertising
DY203Ilkley, street 17/9/1891Advertising
DY204Ilkley, from railway 17/9/1891Advertising
DY205Cromer, from cliffs (west) 14/10/1893Advertising
DY206Cromer Hall with tree 14/10/1893Advertising
DY207Cromer Hall 14/10/1893Advertising
DY208Cromer, from jetty 24/3/1897Advertising
DY209Cromer, from lifeboat station 14/10/1893Advertising
DY210Cromer Station 14/10/1893Advertising
DY211Aylsham (at) boat in foreground 10/1893Advertising
DY212Blickling, lane at 10/1893Advertising
DY213Blickling Hall, general view 10/1893Advertising
DY214Blickling Hall, with tree 10/1893Advertising
DY215Stalham, Staithe 5/9/1894Advertising
DY216Stalham, Irstead Shoals 5/9/1894Advertising
DY217Stalham, Barton Broad 5/9/1894Advertising
DY218Stalham, from the river 5/9/1894Advertising
DY219Stalham, Salmon's Dyke 5/9/1894Advertising
DY220Stalham, Potter Heigham Broad 5/9/1894Advertising
DY221Stalham, Marston Broad 5/9/1894Advertising
DY222Stalham, Barton Staithe 5/9/1894Advertising
DY223Hathersage, church 29/8/1893Advertising
DY224Hathersage, Lead Mills bridge 29/8/1893Advertising
DY225Hathersage, Lead Mills bridge (near) 2/9/1912Advertising
DY226Hathersage, Toadsmouth Rock ; looking to Dore & Totley 29/8/1893Advertising
DY227Grindleford, Padley Wood ; with Mill 29/8/1893Advertising
DY228Grindleford, Padley Wood 29/8/1893Advertising
DY229Grindleford, entrance to station 29/8/1893Advertising
DY230Grindleford, Padley Tunnel 29/8/1893Advertising
DY231Grindleford, Padley Chapel 29/8/1893Advertising
DY232Barber Booth (at) 24/8/1893Advertising
DY233Barber Booth, Lane 24/8/1893Advertising
DY234Castleton, Mam Nick 24/8/1893Advertising
DY235Castleton, Mam Nick ; from top of hill 24/8/1893Advertising
DY236Edale from Mam Nick 24/8/1893Advertising
DY237Hayfield, Pack Horse bridge 14/9/1893Advertising
DY238Hope, general view ; and dup 22/8/189?Advertising
DY239Bradwell Dale 22/8/1893Advertising
DY240Swanage from hills 1884Advertising
DY241Berry Pomeroy Castle, guard room 7/1887Advertising
DY242Berry Pomeroy Castle, guard room 7/1887Advertising
DY243Dartmouth, castle 7/1887Advertising
DY244Dartmouth, on the river 7/1887Advertising
DY245Dartmouth, Butter walk 7/1887Advertising
DY246Swansea, Oystermouth Castle 31/5/1894Advertising
DY247Swansea, Mumbles Head & lighthouse 31/5/1894Advertising
DY248Swansea, Prince of Wales dock 31/5/1894Advertising
DY249Swansea, Bracelet Bay 31/5/1894Advertising
DY250Swansea, Mumbles New Cut 31/5/1894Advertising