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The Derby Registers

The Derby Registers held at the National Railway Museum list many of the photographs taken by the official Midland Railway photographers and their successors in the LMS and British Railways.

The Midland Railway Society in conjunction with the National Railway Museum decided that it would be a good idea to computerise these registers in order to make the material known to a wider audience. Members of the Midland Railway Society are busy typing up the entries from photocopies of the registers. We are committed to entering the negative descriptions up to number 13,000 -- which marks the end of the Midland material in the registers.

Listed below are the links to the entries we have typed in so far. We are only typing in the negative descriptions -- we are not scanning the images themselves. Prints of many of the negatives can be obtained direct from the National Railway Museum. Unfortunately, a proportion of the negatives have been lost or are damaged beyond use.

The negatives are numbered approximately in chronological order. Some numbers were never used and so large gaps appear in the numbering sequence.

Obtaining prints

Black and white prints for private study or research can be obtained from the National Railway Museum. Please bear in mind that the list presented on these pages is not complete. (As of Summer 2002 we have entered approximately 50% of the list up to negative number 13000.) A full list of negatives in the Derby collection can be viewed in the Museum's Reading Room. Before placing an order, you are advised to check with the NRM that the negative you are interested in has not been lost, damaged or is otherwise unavailable. I have also been told that the descriptions in the Registers are occaisionally incorrect, so always inform the NRM of what you think the negative is a picture of.


KWIC Index

If you've never seen a KWIC (KeyWord In Context) index before, then it might appear a little strange at first. The index term is the emboldened term listed in a column down the middle of the pages.

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Other indexes

I have now started to produce a separate index into the Register List -- this is still very much in development. It contains numeric/alphabetic listings of locomotive, carriage and wagon numbers as well as names of people, place and companies. It is currently only available in Adobe .pdf format -- an HTML version is planned for the future.

The Register

Other data formats

As well as viewing the data as web pages through the links below, you can also download the data as a .pdf file and a .csv file that can be imported into a database.

And finally

This is an on-going project and these pages will be updated as and when more descriptions are typed in. I'd also like to thank all the Society memebers who have contributed to this project by donating their time and effort to type up the entries.

If you find any errors, typos, or spelling mistakes please email the editor, Ashley Sanders, at a.sanders@manchester.ac.uk.

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