Executive Commitee

The management of the Society is in the hands of the Executive Committee. All posts are honorary. The email address below have been spam trapped.

Chairman: David Hunt chairman (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Secretary: Dave Harris secretary (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Treasurer: Alan Cox treasurer (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Membership Secretary: Alan Cox membership (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Publications Co-ordinator: Nick Wheat publishing (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Publicity Officer: Andrew Surrey publicity (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
General Member: Robin Cullup

Other Posts

Journal Editor: Ian Howard journal (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Newsletter Editor: John Earl newsletter (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Back Journals & Newsletters: Nick Wheat (see above)
Librarian & Archivist: Post vacant
Modelling Co-ordinator: Steve Duckworth sjduckworth (at) talktalk.net
Internet Co-ordinator: Ashley Sanders webmaster (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk
Commercial Publication Sales: Andrew Cholerton booksales (at) midlandrailwaysociety.org.uk

Honory Life Patron

Roy F. Burrows


The Society at its Annual General Meeting may elect a President, who remains in office for a term not exceeding the period from one Annual General Meeting to the following Annual General Meeting.

Our president for 2016/17 is Mr. Adrian Tester.

Past Presidents

Our presidents for previous years are as follows:

2015-16John Downing
2014-15Peter Butler
2013-14Adrian Prescott
2012-13Ian Howard
2011-12David Hunt
2010-11Laurence Knighton
2009-10Garth Ponsonby
2008-9Chris Rouse
2007-8Peter Witts
2006-7Howard Sprenger
2005-6Stephen Summerson
2004-5Geoff Goslin
2003-4Bob Essery
2002-3Mark Higginson
2001-2Jack Braithwaite
2000-1Roger Brettle
1999-2000John Edginton
1998-9David Tee
1997-8John Gough

Our president for 1999/2000 was Mr. John Edgington. John’s Presidential Address “The Birmingham West Suburban Railway” has been published by the Society.

Dr John Gough was our president for 1997/1998. John’s presidential address on Records and the Midland Railway has been published by the Society for the benefit of members.